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Our company, E-GMP International Corporation, is a Philippine-licensed Manpower Recruitment Agency and we are essentially engaged in the recruitment and supply of Filipino Human Resources for employment overseas. We have one of the most comprehensive variety of manpower in the business, covering all industries ranging from Healthcare, Aeronautics, Construction, Power Generation, Oil and Gas, Hospitality to any semi-skilled staffing our clients may require. On top of having our work system patterned with the quality management systems of ISO, the 5 S, and TQM / Total Quality Management, our recruitment team are comprised of highly-motivated, highly experienced head hunters coupled with a dynamic management team who understand - in its full essence - the needs and expectations of our clients. In every undertaking we do, precision delivery of any given project is at the forefront of our goal and we are humbly proud in achieving 100% repeat business in all these years with our clients.
A healthy business attitude pays more attention in keeping existing clients happy and looks forward for a long term business relationship rather than the trying to look for new clients every now and then. At the end of the day, many are still confused with the definitions with the meaning of QUALITY but for us it essentially means meeting client expectation. And that’s exactly what we do!

Mission & Vision


Potential of growth in recruitment industry is immense and our company seeks to take part as a better alternative source of quality jobs for our countrymen and a better alternative source of manpower for overseas employers. We are humbly confident in our ability to provide better quality service and seek to offer our competitive advantage in the delivery of our service. Finally, we take this challenge upon ourselves with the passion and mission of better serving our fellowmen and country.


All our efforts in improving our quality system, technological advances in our information technology, the practice of our corporate social responsibility, and professional excellence, are altogether put in place to support our vision to make us no less competitive, hopefully better, than what the best in the Philippine Recruitment Industry has to offer. Along with this, we envision ourselves to find our own opportunity to stay as one of the industry's top performer.


E-GMP International Corporation, primarily a Philippine-licensed Manpower Recruitment Agency, is engaged in the recruitment and supply of Filipino Manpower for overseas employment. Our pool of manpower ranges from professionals such as engineers, medical practitioners, teachers, and industrial technicians, to general workers such as hotel staffs, factory workers, and construction workers among others. Here at E-GMP International Corporation, our business management strategy is simple. Through our utilization of the ISO guidelines which aims at embedding a strong awareness of quality in our organization to the benefit of everyone in business with us.

In every undertaking we do, quality delivery of project has been put at the forefront of our goal and we are humbly proud of our achievements for being able to keep a 100% repeat business in all these years with our clients. Now with the recent introduction of ISO 9001:2008 into our team's training system, we are ever more optimistic for the future in our capacity to improve further in the practice of our profession. We believe no amount of quality certificates can ever replace our management's commitment to quality delivery of our business and this has been the key for our company's growth over these years.

Staffs & Facilities

  • Front desk

    Front desk and reception

  • Electronic data

    Electronic data processing section

  • Documentation

    Documentation department

  • Monitoring

    Monitoring department

  • Accounting

    Accounting office

  • Testing

    Testing facility area

  • Recruitment

    Recruitment department

  • EGMP

    Office entrance

  • Interview

    Interview room

  • Screening

    Screening area

  • Management

    Management and administration

  • Conference

    Conference room


Front Desk / Reception - Manned by experienced and friendly staffs, this area is designed to provide for a comfortable and systematic reception of job-seeking candidates to fill up the needed forms and documentation preparation. At this point inquiries are answered and job-seekers are given a general briefing on what to expect from their application with us.

Recruitment Department – Like a kitchen in a restaurant, here our team receives the order or manpower requirement of employers and then candidates are sourced, screened, and “served” / delivered to the clients as per their expectation. A lot of activities takes place in our actual execution of recruitment task, such as CV’s evaluation, data verification, pre-screening, “employer profiling” and eventual job matching among many other things, all of which are done according to a pre-determined set of step by step procedures. Our emphasis on “employer profiling” on each recruitment job allows us to learn more on employers requirement and expectation and this has been one of the major factor in the success of our recruitment projects in all these years.

Electronic Data Processing Section - Basically this is where our Management Information System is centered. From CV’s encoding , database maintenance, accounting database, report generation to Network Administration and maintenance among other things are handled by this group of our team. Despite of the recent global economic downturn, our management has undertaken significant investment and manpower to further develop our company’s IT capabilities to sustain further the growth and expansion in the months and years ahead.

Screening Area – With three interview rooms integrated to this area, it is designed to comfortably accommodate around a hundred persons in one given time. Projectors, Audio-visual systems, internet are made available in support of any given interview activity.

Testing Facility - Our affiliate training center, Executive Trade Testing, provides for the testing facility for various skills in carpentry, welding, painting, among other trades to ensure our employers gets to confirm the skill level of their choice candidates.

Monitoring Department - This department basically is our customer relation representative and is manned by our Account Monitoring Supervisor or AMS. With E-GMP International Corporation, each client has its own AMS assigned to him to ensure every detail of clients requirement will be attended to in the most efficient manner. This gives no room for error and miscommunication and traceability of shortcomings, if any, can be easily identified by the management.

Documentation Department - Its primary function being the main Archive, all documents from Employers Job Orders, visas to deployment records alike are entrusted to this department. The Documentation supervisor acts as the main custodian. Laisoning with Embassies and POEA are coordinated through our Liason officers under the direct supervision of our Documentation Supervisor.

Legal Department – Headed by Atty. Benigno Palomos is a renowned Lawyer with in-depth experience and specialization in Overseas Employment Issues.

Accounting Department – Functions exactly as the term implies and aside from performing its regular duties in accounting, accuracy of financial records are essentially the most important factor we consider. Stakeholders, suppliers and would-be investors are guaranteed of transparency in our records and on-time payment. We take our humble pride in our reputation as a diligent entity with zero instance of defaulting in payment. Healthy business mindsets begets healthy financial practices.

Management and Administration – Headed by our office Manager, our Administration Department translate all management policy into the do-able actions plans within the organization which aims at maximizing the productivity of all employed members of the organization. ISO based implementing guidelines serving as its model, our Administration Department oversees the functions of Personnel Management, Safety and Security, ISO implementing and Monitoring body and even Office Maintenance and

Our Services


E-GMP International Corporation provides its clients with the following services:

* Manpower Sourcing and advertising

* Screening, interviewing and selection of different worker categories

* Filling of different Governement Required document

* Physical, Medical, Psychological and Drug examination

* Assistance for VISA processing

* Conduction of pre-departure orientation seminar

* Airport assistance to workers for departure

Our Clients

  • NESK


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  • Site Renovation & Improvement

    Dear Applicants!

    We will be renovating the site to provide you with a new dazzling and applicant friendly look for you to enjoy your job searching needs.


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    Dear Applicant;

    Thank you for sending us your CV, do you know that we have many 100's of vacancies? if you have a good personality, great looks and Fluent in English and interested in Healthcare, Retail or Hospitality jobs then we advise you to visit our office personally if you know about any suitable vacancy for you, our address is down.

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  • E-GMP is fully Automated!!!

    To assure you fast and quality service - E-GMP International Corporation is powered by Automated Recruitment Information System (ARIS) to cater your need from recruitment to deployment!!!

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